It is something hard to resist by collectors looking for a perfect souvenir from a trip on Virgin Atlantic airlines: Salt and pepper shakers shaped like airplanes with feet. But those who are tempted to swipe these unique cuties, might find that their sticky fingers might be exposed to friends and family. Virgin Atlantic recently added a hidden message for the salty thieves. They revealed their secret on Twitter with a picture of the shakers and the caption: “Caught red handed? If you’ve walked away from one of our flights with a ‘new’ salt and pepper shaker, take a peek at their feet and you’ll be in for a surprise.” If the new salt and pepper shakers are turned over, there is the inscription “Pinched from Virgin Atlantic.”

We aren’t sure that doesn’t add more allure to “collectors,” but it is a noble effort by airline officials. The shakers already can be found on online sales sites. A set on eBay is currently for sale for about $17.

pinched from virgin atlantic airplane salt and pepper shaker

Photos: Bon Appetit; Virgin Atlantic


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