Be careful before inhaling your next bag of Doritos. An Australian teenager noticed that one of the chips was puffy instead of flat. Rylee Stuart, 13, was so impressed with her discovery that she posted a video about it on TikTok — and got 5.7 million views. That also impressed her so much that she decided to sell the chip on eBay. While she got lots of bids (up to $100,000!), she ended up accepting an offer of $15,000 from Doritos, who noted her “creativity and love for Doritos.”

There are more reasons for snack-lovers to look before chewing. eBay is full of pictures of celebrity lookalike Cheetos — a cheesy Arnold Schwarzenegger and an orange Michael Jordan come to mind. One person actually paid $28,000 for a grilled cheese sandwich that looks like the Virgin Mary.

This all gives a new spin to the phrase “hungry for a deal.”

puffy dorito chip sold

Photo:; TikTok/Rylee Stuart



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