What do you think you’d find on your dining room wall under old paint or inside the backing of an old mirror? Probably just unremarkable old wallpaper or a dusty purchase receipt. One Connecticut couple found so much more as they carefully restored a 141-year-old home that sat empty for years before they bought it in April 2020.

Kate, 26, and her husband, Cameron, 27, a nuclear engineer, have been sharing their renovation with more 814,000 followers on the video/storytelling app TikTok. In one of two recent videos, Kate recounts finding the picture of the home’s original owner taken between 1890 and 1895. She also found an original hook used to hang pictures without damaging walls. The video received more than a million views and was shared some 3 million times. In another video, shot when they originally took down a heavy, dark wood mirror above the mantle in April, Kate uncovered ornate wallpaper they plan to preserve.

What is the lesson learned here? Be gentle when you are restoring a home. You never know what you might find being the mirrors.

photo hook lipstick stamps pennies ins pick wallpaper items found in connecticut victorian house restoration 1800s

Photos: TikTok.com



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