Talk about delivery charges — how about transporting a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean and placing it in the middle of an Arizona desert? Officials in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the dedication of one of the world’s most famous bridges. After it began sinking into the River Thames due to an increase in automobile traffic, the 930-ft. long London Bridge, purchased for $2.46 million in 1968 (about $19 million in today’s dollars), was dismantled and shipped brick-by-brick across the Atlantic and through the Panama Canal to the Port of Los Angeles. From there, it traveled overland by truck to Lake Havasu City, where it was reconstructed to attract tourists and buyers of residential lots in the barren desert. It is now Arizona’s No. 1 most-visited built attraction and a top tourism draw in the Southwest.

london bridge in lake havasu city arizona usa

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  1. pam93312 says:

    I was actually able to walk around and look at the bricks/bridge when it was in the process of being reassembled at Lake Havasu. Thanks for the great memories this article brought up for me! I could feel the history that day and still enjoy seeing it when I pass by the area.

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