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Size is 10 1/8 inches long.

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Photo: eBay, maven4

20 responses to “It’s #whatsitwednesday!”

  1. KARussell says:

    My guess… Punchbowl Serving Ladle

  2. says:

    Answer from Kovels: This is a spoon for serving berries, sterling silver, Art Nouveau style, made by Gorham, 1900-1940.

  3. Emeril says:

    Sauce spoon hence the cut outs on the edge to get around the rim.

  4. limerickey says:

    A silver-plated hand mirror, picture taken from the back of the mirror.

  5. garioki says:

    At over 10 inches long, this art nouveau berry serving spoon would originaly be from a set.

  6. redpiano1 says:

    A casserole serving spoon. It could also be used as a baked potato spoon but they’re usually not that round.

  7. Gaga7 says:

    Nut or crouton spoon.

  8. Cldy2day says:

    An absinthe spoon

  9. jewelly155 says:

    I think it is a jam spoon.

  10. GeneMan1 says:

    Looks like an Art Nouveau mirror.

  11. Csl2020 says:

    A dressing spoon

  12. Tallulah761 says:

    A casserole spoon.

  13. dbarbagallo says:

    Sugar spoon

  14. Carriee says:

    Tomato spoon

  15. seattleite says:

    I can see why some might think it a spoon. I’m thinking we’re seeing the backside of a hand mirror.

  16. Curlewqueen says:

    Berry Spoon

  17. OkiePoke says:

    An oyster serving spoon.

  18. flash472002 says:

    Serving spoon of some kind.

  19. DOBIE66 says:

    My guess is a Pate Spreader spoon

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