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It is approximately 1.11″ high x 1.15″ wide x 4.3″ deep.

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20 responses to “It’s #whatsitwednesday!”

  1. Kovels says:

    This is a Baroque-style French snuff box from the mid-18th century, hand-carved out of coniferous wood in the shape of a (then) fashionable men’s shoe.

  2. Ruth Click says:

    cigarette case

  3. garioki says:

    18th Century Miniature Shoe Snuff Box. Snuff (powdered tobacco) was often deemed more appropriate to use than smoking, and usually caused explosive sneezing, so handkerchieves were basically mandatory :p At least it wasn’t as bad as smoking :p

  4. AZGrandma says:

    I say it’s a door stop.

  5. kerrybabyxx says:

    A shoe mold for Dutch Clogs

  6. ddave says:

    Appears to be a hinge at the back of toe. The instep and heel area would raise as a cover of a box.
    Box might hold snuff, cards or fragrant foot powder

  7. mobiletony says:

    Antique Mid- 18th Century Gentlemen’s Miniature Shoe Snuff Box Coniferous Wood

  8. sk8trgrrl says:

    Snuff box?

  9. limerickey says:

    A hatpin holder or maybe a sewing needle or crochet hook holder.

  10. Rutty617 says:

    I believe it’s a shoe tree.

  11. jvdl says:

    The rear top is hinged to store something.

  12. RBmidwest says:

    A needle safe. Top rear is hinged and may be cushioned inside.

  13. adwych says:

    18th century gentleman’s wooden snuff box

  14. bbritt says:

    sewing needle box

  15. pam93312 says:

    Shoe stretcher?

  16. flash472002 says:

    Snuff box.

  17. ponderosa says:

    From the shape it looks like a door stop.

  18. zvicki says:

    i think it holds business or personal cards of some kind?

  19. Cldy2day says:

    Helps shoe to keep its shape when not wearing them

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