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The dimensions are 32 in h x 15 in w x 27 in d.

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#whatsitwednesday 03-27-2024

28 responses to “#Whatsitwednesday”

  1. Kovels says:

    Some spot on guesses, both here and on the Facebook page. This is a Fairbanks Military Recruiting Office Scale.

  2. garioki says:

    A US Army Fairbanks platform scale, used to weigh soldiers.

  3. patty132 says:

    Have no idea!

  4. clippertwo says:

    It is a scale !

  5. PPiman says:

    It is either a Commissary scale from Thaddeus Fairbanks or an Army scale by the Howe Scale company,. Both could be folded down and secured in about 30 seconds.

  6. Skinnr says:

    It is a portable freight/goods scale

  7. Eaglemaniac says:

    Portable scale, maybe for weighing gold during the gold rush.

  8. Cldy2day says:

    A portable scale

  9. flash472002 says:

    Some kind of scale, but for what specifically, no idea.

  10. flamingopat says:

    Some form of portable scale .

  11. vintagefound says:

    It looks like an antique Portable Scale of some sort.

  12. sk8trgrrl says:

    Fairbanks Army and Navy Folding Scales – Recruitment Personnel Weighing device.

  13. Poodlez says:

    A mobile set of scales.

  14. susannadanna00 says:

    A portable scale

  15. cezarrules says:

    looks like a traveling scale to me.

  16. limerickey says:

    It’s a portable scale. Maybe the midwives used it to weigh newborn babies?

  17. jvdl says:

    Portable scale

  18. zvicki says:

    It’s some kind of a scale. Maybe for Gold or precious metals?

  19. fossil says:

    Antique folding beam scale.

  20. JP91306 says:

    It’s obviously a portable (but heavy) scales.

  21. Babycatcher says:

    It’s a portable scale. The only thing I see missing is the lead weights they used.

  22. Martyiw says:

    Portable scale to weigh precious metal.

  23. dennis1050 says:

    It is a scale. Portable

  24. DOBIE66 says:

    Vintage Mousetrap?

  25. Owenjd says:

    It looks like a portable scale

  26. NorthernWI says:

    Postal scale.

  27. Mzgti2u says:

    What an interesting item; at first I thought it was for portable printing –
    But after a closer look it might be a portable scale?

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