As 2020 comes to its end, we thought it would be fun to look back at our Top 10 most popular “What’s It Wednesday” questions. Do you remember them? Did you get them right the first time? Here’s another chance. Enjoy! (Answers are at the page bottom. Try not to peak!)

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Photo: Dan Morphy Auctions


Photo: Richard D. Hatch & Associates


Photo: Richard Opfer Auctioneering, Inc.


Photo: Hilliard & Co.


Photo: Ebay/atfabltd23


Photo: Austin Auction Gallery


Photo: Westport Auction


Photo: Ebay/aaapickerscamdensc12


Photo: Ebay/roadsidecultur


Photo: Ebay/locrowthedoe







1 .This is a red metal Atomic-era toolbox in the shape of a bomb marked “Bantam Porto-Power” and “A Product of Blackhawk.” Original paint and decals, c.1948. (Whatsitwednesday 4-29-20)

2. It’s a 19th-century sewing tool, a clamp with a pin cushion, c.1860. (Whatsitwednesday 2-19-20)

3. This is an unusual 1940s Coca-Cola “stadium vendor.” It’s metal with a bottle opener on the side and is missing the carry strap. (Whatsitwednesday 1-8-20)

4. Pictured is a pair of lighters shaped like stylized dragons, with the flame coming from the mouths of each, marked “Made in Germany.” (Whatsitwednesday 6-10-20)

5. The item is a saddle riding stirrup, bronze or brass. (Whatsitwednesday 2-26-20)

6. This is an oyster shucking table with a 2-inch thick marble top and ribbed column legs with half ball feet, Belgium, 19th century (Whatsitwednesday 5-27-20)

7. It’s a wrought iron stylized dog (or stylized dragon) tool rest. (Whatsitwednesday 3-18-20)

8. It’s an unusual metal pad lock, marked “Y & T” in a cartouche and “Patd Oct 9 1894. (Whatsitwednesday 6-17-20)

9. Pictured is a horse grooming curry comb, metal with a wooden handle. (Whatsitwednesday 3-11-20)

10. The item is a blow torch, marked “The Turner Brass Works / No. 324 / Sycamore, Ill. U.S.A.” and “Clayton Lambert, Detroit. (Whatsitwednesday 4-22-20)

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